Our Story

Our journey began in 1923 when founder George 'the humble' King opened a fruits and vegetables stall inside 18th-century Haymarket.

Well, to be honest not really...

We'd been on a quest to bring a cuisine that was authentic, clean, healthy and delicious to London for years. With dishes inspired from all over the world and a commitment to quality, you can find something for any craving and any time of the day!

Our mission is to provide pure, plant-powered meals that are good for your body and the planet. Our approach is knowledgeable, playful, and engaging. We offer a unique opportunity to experience a different way of eating vegan and discover new flavours and textures.

A creative and colourful menu shows that plant-based food can lead to surprising, healthy and mindful new eating experiences. We believe in an upgraded fast casual dining experience in beautiful spaces dedicated to vegan food.